Monday, 24 April 2017

New York City after the second world war - in pictures

Todd Webb’s photographs of postwar New York depict the warmth and diversity of the city. He studied under Ansel Adams, and his beautiful black and white shots reflect that influence. The Museum of the City of New York is hosting a retrospective of his work, Todd Webb: A City Seen until 4 September

Sarah Gilbert
Saturday 22 April 2017 23.30 AEST

Under the Third Avenue elevated train, New York, 1946. All Photographs: Courtesy Museum of the City of New York and the Todd Webb Estate
    Under the 3rd Avenue EL, New York, 1946
         125th Street, Harlem, New York, 1946
         Tenements and graveyard from Chataham Square station, New York, 1946
    Tenements and Graveyard from Chataham Square El Station, New York, 1946
         Lexington Avenue, near 110th Street, Harlem, 1946
         Maise, Queen of the Bowery, New York, 1946
         From Empire State Building, New York (looking south-east), 1946
         Near Fulton Fish Market, New York, 1946.
         The Battery, New York (peanut peddler), 1945
    The Battery, New York (peanut peddler), 1945

    25th Street and Broadway (summer streetcar), Harlem, New York, 1946

         Fulton Fish Market Wharf, 1946

    Fulton Fish Market Wharf, 1946

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