Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Government is taking from the young and giving it to the old and wealthy!

What a hypocritical Federal Government we have. The Treasurer said the Universities are making too much money so we will be cutting funding to them. In their turn, the Universities will probably increase their fees to young students who in most cases are struggling to make ends meet and in some cases have nothing!

And at the same time they're looking after their power base (the wealthy and the well off) by not touching the estimated $14 billion the Government spends a year on negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions to housing investors, just to make them even richer. There is something really immoral and obscene about this. The Government is taking money from the younger generation and giving it to the older generation!

I have a better use for that $14 billion. Spend it on building public housing each year with an option for tenants to buy their houses at low interest rates! Government sets the price taking into consideration the actual cost of material and labour not the inflated market price.

The Worker

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