Saturday, 3 June 2017

A blunt discussion on climate change

Extract from ABC News

The Chief Scientist showed himself prepared to give a direct answer to One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts.
In his first speech to Parliament, Senator Roberts said: "Like Socrates, I love asking questions to get to the truth".
He pressed Chief Scientist Alan Finkel about the need to be open-minded.
"Not so open minded that your brain leaks out," Dr Finkel responded.layer:  
Video: Chief Scientist Alan Finkel responds to climate sceptic Senator Malcolm Roberts (ABC News)

Senator Roberts, who disputes accepted scientific views about climate science, also tried to make a point about potential flaws in peer reviewed scientific findings by citing a hoax about "the conceptual penis being the driver behind much of climate change".
That alarmed Science Minister Arthur Sinodinos, who was annoyed that Senator Roberts was suggesting that all peer reviewed papers were in some way fraudulent.

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