Saturday, 3 June 2017

Rocky solar farm could help solve SA power problems

Extract from The Morning Bulletin

CQUniversity Professor Peter Wolfs Contributed
A CQUniversity professor believes the international company behind plans for a Bouldercombe solar farm have chosen the perfect location, close to Stanwell Power Station.
Professor Peter Wolfs said the transmission infrastructure at Stanwell could easily cope with the power generated by the planned 200 megawatt plant.
The energy created could also be exported to other states like New South Wales or South Australia, which has been plagued with blackouts and power problems.

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Prof Wolfs said Queensland had a good foundation of electricity infrastructure.
"We have significant capacity in this state," he said.
"If we add renewable energy, that will increase the amount of generation in this state and what will most likely happen is that Queensland will be able to export energy to the south.
"There's certainly no risk to the Queensland power system."
Prof Wolfs said connecting with South Australia could prove positive, with wind and solar energy generally working well together as power generation is usually not synchronised. 

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