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News Summary August 24, 1895.


General News Summary.


Hon. J. C. Foote, M.L.C. , dies.
Divorce cases booming in Sydney.
Mayor of South Brisbane goes insolvent.
Two earthquake shocks at Kapunda, S.A.
Outrages on Christians still continue in China.
Macedonian Insurgents burn a Mahomedan village.
Severe earthquakes in News Zealand do much damage.
Small Republican revolution in Spain suppressed.
A Venezuelan gunboat fires upon a British schooner.
Brisbane boot trade trade strike closes after fourteen weeks.
John Blacksham commits suicide in Sydney by shooting.
The King of Corea talks fight to the Japanese Governments.
Germany commemorates the capture of Metx in 1870.
Michael Davitt address a crowded meeting at Toowoomba.
Victorian farmers emigrating to the Albany district in N.S.W.
Captain of a vessel fined £20 for loading her below Plimsoll mark.
Evening News, a co-operative newspaper started in Melbourne.
Queen of Madagascar threatens to burn the capital of that island.
New bridge at Indooroopilly tested and railway traffic resumed.
A man named M'Crystall drops dead in Queen-street, Brisbane.
A Madagascar General, found guilty of neglect, is roasted alive.
Lord Wolseley appointed Commander-in-Chief of the British army.
A little boy in Rockhampton killed by a tombstone falling on him.
Mrs. Burcham, aged 84 years, found burned to death at Mount Cole, Vic.
The dead body of a child found floating in the water at Rylston, N.S.W.
Disastrous typhoon at Nagasaki causes great loss of life and much damage.
A kanaka commits suicide by jumping over board from the S.S. Arawatta.
A German banker absconding with 700,000frances arrested at Rotterdam.
A girl named Graham badly burned at Cairns through her dress taking fire.
Sam Collins, a carter, killed at Rockhampton through his dray falling on him.
Public meeting of Mackay citizens calls upon Government to disarm kanakas.
Reported that 120 Spanish soldiers are dying in Cuba daily from yellow fever.
Victorian Parliament rejects a proposal to place a duty on imported bananas.
More than 100 persons examined as to the alleged poisoning at Bowen Downs.
Chief Justice Griffith sentences a garotter to two years in goal and a flogging.
N.S.W. Shipwreck Society votes £200 to relatives of men lost in the Catterthun.
Terrible boiler explosion destroys a hotel at Denver, U.S. Forty persons killed.
A man named Ryan reported lost in the ranges of the Upper Murray, N.S.W.
Emma Williams, in Melbourne, confesses to having drowned her two-year-old boy.
Seventeen persons drowned in the river Elbe, in Germany, through steamboat collision.
Francis Woodward, solicitor, struck off the roll in Sydney for retaining client's funds.
Thomas Radcliffe arrested on a charge of murdering his brother at Waratah Bay, Vic.
At Pier Pier station, in N.S.W., William Green shoots his brother and his sister-in-law.
Charlie Lewis, a jockey, is fatally injured whilst riding in a steeplechase at Caulfield, Vic.
A clergyman issues a writ, claiming £5000 damages, against Bishop Montgomery, of Tasmania.
A miner named Bowring murders his sweetheart at Maryborough (Vic.) and then commits suicide.
Large quantity of sugarcane rejected at Maryborough sugar factory through being frosted.
James Hart, a railway fireman, falls off the tender on the Sandgate line and is severely injured.
J.B. Sheridan and A. Smith fined £500 and £100 respectively for keeping illicit stills in Sydney.
Annual demonstration of friendly societies in aid of benevolent purposes takes place in Brisbane.
Attempt made to wreck a train at Budapest on which the Prince of Bulgaria was travelling.
William Green, who shot his brother and sister-in-law at Pier Pier Station, N.S.W., found dead.
Salvage attempts to recover valuable cargo from shipwrecked steamer Catterthun at Seal Rocks, N.S.W.
Policy of physical force in Ireland recommened at an Irish-American Convention held in Philadelphia.
Turkey rejects the demand of European Powers to carry out reform in Armenia under foreign control.
Owing to a dynamite explosion in the copper mine at Cobar one man is killed and another severely injured.
John Smith dies from the effects of being knocked down by a runaway horse in Roma-street, Brisbane.
Russian Nihilists blow up an artillery barracks at Tula, killing 300 soldiers and a number of officers.
Reported discovery by the London police of a paper containing incitements to blow up the British Parliament.
N.S.W. Minister for Justice going to re-open the Mount Rennie case tried some years ago by Judge Windeyer.
Dr. Tanner calls the Hon. J. Chamberlain “Judas,” in the Fouse of Commons, and is suspended for a week.
A.C. Whinfield fined £210 by Victorian customs authorities for having an incorrect invoice of travelling sheep.
Chamber of Commerce and National Association agree to hold an International Exhibition in Brisbane next year.
Late paymaster of South Australian Treasury acquitted of a charge of embezzlement with an unstained character.
A train conveying Spanish volunteers in Cuba is blown up with dynamite by the revolutionists, very few escaping.
Melbourne Custom's authorities seize a quantity of inferior jewellery from New York fraudulently stamped 18 carat gold.
Chinese Government refuses to allow the British and American Consuls to make separate inquiries as to the massacre of missionaries.

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